Saturday, May 3

Baby carrier for rent

Salam..ada x mummy2 yg cari baby carrier utk di sewa? Kalau ada ni nak habaq mai cek ada buat service sewa baby carrier. Tp 1 jenis je la. Boba 4G. Tau, mesti ada mummy2 yg ngah cari kan.. ( confident je..kehkehkeh )

Now you can rent before you buy!

Who should rent baby carriers?
1. This method is really suitable for those who wants to go traveling and couldn't be bothered to bring stroller and has limited budget to buy a brand new baby carrier to use for a short time.

2. Parents who wants to buy baby carrier but still do not know whether it's the ok or not.

3. Anyone who loves babywearing and wants to try different brands/types of baby carrier they never tried before.

How to rent?

1.Contact us via this blog at the comment box OR you can whatsapp me at 019.684 2734 OR you can PM me at fb: Adam Babies Land

2.If the item is available, just pay the deposit required. Your rental fees and poslaju charges will be deducted from the deposit.

3.The balance will be returned as soon as the carrier has been received in good condition.

Brand: BOBA 4G
Suitable for babies from: 3 kg up to toddlers of 20 kg

Deposit: RM300

To be deducted for -
Rental: RM50 (for 2 weeks)
Postage: RM10 (WM), RM15 (EM)

Late return: RM5/day
Soiled carrier: RM20
Minimal damages: RM20 upwards depending on the severity
Irreparable damages to carrier: Non Refundable deposit

Terms & conditions:
*Non-smoking household
*No perfume
*No hair-shedding pets e.g. dog, cat.
*Please do not wash the carrier.
Whatsapp: +60196842734