Wednesday, December 29

10 thing you have to know about me :

  1. Little miss grumpy..haha
  2. Little miss shy
  3. Little miss quiet ( strangers think im quiet, my friends think im outgoing, my BFF know that im completely insane )
  4. Little miss naughty ( like to 'cuci mata' looking for the handsome guy )
  5. Little miss stubborn 
  6. Little miss giggle
  7. Little miss cry
  8. Little miss sleep
  9. Little miss fussy ( not so much )
  10. Little miss sing

p/s : add more if u think i have other attitude that i dont know..:)

Tuesday, December 21

can i just stay...??? 21st of december already..feeling sad because my semester break almost finish and i have to go back to melaka on 1st of f***ing lazy mannn..*sigh*..i dont want to go back to melaka.i want to stay my home got so many food.heaven mannn..until my refrigerator full with i dont have to go out and buy food like i did at getting fat here..'nini,i want to diet' ahhaha..i'm gonna miss it badly..( awatnya emo xpasai2 lak ni..choii~ )

ni smua nk p convo pya pasai la len elok2 balik awai ak dok melangut lama2 kt s.alam smpai 6hb..choii~
xpasai2 dpt cuti kejap xpa aih..nak buat lagu mana.xkan nk dok ulang alik KL-LA-KL-LA-KL..byk pla duit ak ni hah..huuu ( awat tba2 cakap oghang utagha pla ni..ahahha )

i dont know what to write damnnn boring tonight..somebody call 911 please..huuu..but i feel like i want to eat pizza hut and domino's..badlyyyyy..*craving*

Saturday, December 18

" i'm on DIET!!! "

as u can see my title up there..i want to diet ( kononnyeee..bahahaha) ari 2 masa OTW balik dari KK..dlm kete tem 2.atas feri..i told my grandma i want to diet..xnk mkn malam sb masa kt kk asyik mkn je..da la mkn lewat im getting FATTTTT!!!! demnnn!!! my body x effect pipi makin tembam..mannnn..hahha..the dialog was like this :

me : nek,kn diet ku eh..nda mau makan mlm udah.makin lampuh wa.makan sj..
       ( nek, i want to diet..from now on xnk mkn mlm..getting fat sb asyik makan je..) <<< bahasa melayu..:)
sister ( menyampuk ) : ak pn kn diet eh..d rmh lg tani makan ahir..nek,lapas ani tani makan b4 pukul 7 ah..
                                  ( ak pn nk diet jg..kt umah da la kita makan lewat..nek,pasni kita makan b4 pkl 7 k..)
grandma : *sanyap* skali becakap, ta pulang..
               ( *silent * suddenly my grandma speak..suka hati..nk diet2 la..)
me : bha ku ni banar..
      ( btl2 ni )

*then da sampai labuan..lalu depan sister whispering 2 grandma n brother xdgr pn

sister : kak,mau KFC..
          (kak,nak KFC..)
me : bha..gtw la nini.ak mana da duit ni..
       ( tell grandma..i dont have money )
sister : eee..ko la cakap..
me : malas ku eh..ko yg mau kn..
      ( malas r..ko yg nk kn..)

*then die diam je n ktrg pn trskn perjalanan balik umah..tbe my uncle call soh amik makanan kt kedai die..but my aunt soh beli KFC..suddenly my sister n i excited lak dgr mcm 2..( ak pn tbe sebok nk KFC jg..ahhaha )

sister : bha.lakas tah bali KFC..
         ( jomla cepat beli KFC..)
me : kn smpai rumah sudah ani..
       ( da nk smpai umah da pn )
grandma : td nya kn diet nya..ani kn makan KFC ta plg..mcm stai sj kn diet2..
                ( td kata nk diet..skg nk KFC pla..mengada2 btl..)
sister n me : ala nek..nda jd la..mlm ani sj..start diet esk..nda pn diet kalau sudah balik melak sma penang sj..
                   ( ala nek..xjd diet la..mlm ni je..start diet esk..xpun kalau dah balik melaka and penang nt je diet )

*tp xd pn beli KFC that baru makan KFC..ahhahaha..hancus my diet kalau dok umah ni..hangat2 tahi hanjing btl la.kt feri baru je cakap nk diet..nmpak KFC trs diet tah kemana.muahahaha.smpai kena marah ngn my grandma.heee..nmpak gayanye diet masa dok melaka je kna beli guna duit sendiri..dok jh2 kna saving..*saving keee??* ahahhaa

korang kena pecaya ak diet START ESOK!!!
woot! woot!

Friday, December 17


Meeting you was fate..
Becoming your friend was a choice..
But falling in LOVE with you was beyond my control..

Read's gonna be fun..:) but promise me don't be mad ok guys?? have fun n enjoy it..:)

  1. I need to tell you a secret..look at 5
  2. The answer is look at 11
  3. Don't get mad..look at 15
  4. Calm down guys..don't be mad..:) look at 13
  5. First look at 2
  6. Don't be that angry..say cheeseeee..XD look at 12
  7. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!
  8. What i wanted to tell you is......THE ANSWER IS ON 14
  9. Be patient..look at 4
  10. This is the last time i'm going to do me..:) look at 7
  11. I hope you're not mad when i say this..look at 6
  12. Sorry..look at 8
  13. Don't get mad dearrr..look at 10
  14. I don't know how to say this but....look at 3
  15. You must be really mad right?? hahhaha..look at 9

Wednesday, December 15

Friday, December 10

Most annoying things in life

Most annoying things in life :

  • Boys who wear white jeans
  • People who walk slowly in front of you
  • Zero new messages
  • No food in the fridge
  • A shit load of homework to do
  • Blackouts
  • Gaining weight
  • Flared jeans
  • When he isn't listening to my telepathic messages, telling him to mind me
  • Being broke
  • No new episode this week
  • Not seeing his face in the crowd
  • Low battery
  • Where the fuck is he today?
  • And can he please text me?
  • Sick and tired of sitting around and waiting

Monday, November 29

Find a Guy..

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heart beat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep..wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have you...the one who turns to his friends and says.."that's her..."

Tuesday, October 12

Larian Hijau - Sianari Bumiku Melaka

lpas p xplorace semalam arini 10.10.10 ada community service lak tuk subjek Personal Development..kitorang wt larian dr KBM p river cruise..then dr padang cina smpai sk padang temu..ak x lari sb ak in charge bhgn ak dtg awl p sk padang temu 2..ak wt game baling bola masukkn dlm botol je..ramai giler budak2 dtg main..mula2 xd org pn..xd yg nk main.sorang main sume nk main..srg smpai 7 botol die bwa..ahahha..penat ak layan budak2 best sgt.drg excited giler nk dpt kn adiah.adiah key chain melaka je pn..heee..

then petang ada majlis perasmian n penutupan..dato' latif 2 xnk lama pla die berucap an.ngantuk kot.siap promote melaka pla 2..ahahhaha..yg past ak nk p smbutan MELAKA MAJU 2010 . da abis perasmian sume 2 then dato' mizan n dato' latif 2 p tanam pokok depan sek 2..then amik gmbr ramai2 pas 2 balikkkkkkkkkk..:D
kt bus da la dok kt tangga sbelah paci bus 2...huuu..bus penuh.da xd xpe.asl balik..heee

then 10.10.10 2 jg ada kemalangan ngeri yg berlaku kt lebuhraya utara-selatan berhampiran plaza tol simpang ampat,alor gajah,melaka..seramai 12 org yg maut..AL-FATIHAH..

Tuesday, September 7

Take a bite of the sticky ambuyat of Brunei

have you heard about ambuyat ?

just click here and you will find out what is it..:D

Friday, September 3

5 things to love about malaysian

Family oriented and food loving! for me thats what i can say about Malaysian people..XD

if u r malaysian read this..

"hello aunty. Hello uncle." are you related with them? no. are you their close friend? no. have u ever meet this person in ur life? no. whether its a 'pakcik taxi' or 'pak guard n mak guard' (akak guard also have at KBM..hee) or 'makcik kantin', we always 'tegur' them..i believe this is also the reason why malaysian are so well-loved around the world..XD

if u notice when u go to the restaurant or stall,they and a group of friends or workmates go out together,but there isn't enough space around one table,so what do u think they will do? of course the clever malaysian will merge two tables together! am i right? i am sure all of u have done this including me..peace yoow! its truly an amiable trait that malaysian will do whatever shifting is necessary so that nobody will left behind or left out(no heart feeling right?)

i think malaysian are quite an enthusiastic tribe of i right? whether it's chatting with ur friend or colleague in the lift or meeting friends for coffee or 'lepaking at subaidah' after class or work,we get very passionate about what we are saying(including me also..heee). packed with emotion, our conversation are full of gusto, facial expression and of course epic hand gesture. if we talking with our friends its like we want all the people around us hear what we are talking about.wouldn't you agree?

some people say "good morning", others say "hello", malaysians ask a more important question: "is ur belly full?". in malay it's say "dah makan?". in labuan or sabahan it's "makan sudah ko?". in tamil(just goggle it..heee) it's "sape de?". in cantonese it's "sek bao mei?". in hokkein it's "jia bah boi?" and the list goes on..:D
if they are hungry they will keep on talking about their hungry.then after eat they also will keep on talking.not talking about hungry anymore but talking about how full their stomach are..OMG! proud to be malaysian..ahaha (this situation exactly just like my either..peace XD)

ok.frankly speaking malaysian aren't cheap,we just like a good bargain!am i right? buyers and seller in malaysia both know this so absolutely no harm in asking for a wee's in the malaysian also do this.for example if i want to buy tshirt:

me: brapa arga baju ni?
promoter: rm50
me: discount ah? kasi discount la.rm45 la
promoter: aiyaa..xblh la miss.ini baru smpai pya..
me: ala,kurang sket sj pn xblh ka?
promoter: mmg xblh la miss
me: ok la..ok la..i beli ni baju

that the true situation..:D see,you've got nothing to lose if they say no,you were willing to pay the opening price anyway right? just remember the malaysian rule of thumb, if u buy two or more items, you should always get a 'nice price' for it.

i wrote this coz i am malaysian n u r malaysian tooooooo..XD and i know for sure all of u have done this 5 things..right?

why i put picture of makanan? coz i kow malaysian people like to eat including me..getting fat live in melaka..weeee~~




just finished my 2 test..QMT n CF..pening pale ngt xpe.dah blh releks dah (just 4 today) huuu coz tomorrow got MODUL..siot gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! damnnnnnnnn!!!!
org dah nk balik raya kot.die p wt modul pla.x menyempat2 btl.huh..sabau je la..


Sunday, August 29

Top 10 Places To Visit In Malaysia

Among the top 10 travel destination in Malaysia that travelers must go are :

1) Penang - mostly populated by Chinese community, travelers could find incense and temples everywhere in penang. the 'must - do' items includes trying out full varieties of their local foods, site seeing world heritage architectures, sun- bathing at the beautiful BATU FERRINGHI BEACH as well as exploring the 'spicy' little Indian street.

2) Cameron Highland - The hinterland at highland where you can visit tea plantation in the cool air, sipping tea at cafes, viewing flowers and cactus plantation, as well as trying their local steamboat lunch and dinner. you can also play a round of there too

3) Taman Negara - with the thick rain-forest surrounding you, try jungle trekking, tracking elephants with your leech-proofs boots.kayaking and overnight at kenyir and exploring the national park at endao rompin 

4) Pulau Redang,Perhentian, Kapas or Tioman - These east coastal island are best for snorkeling,scuba diving, photographing live corals and sunsetting! you can also witness turtles laying eggs at sea shore if you are lucky!

5) Sabah and Sarawak - climb the massive Mt. Kinabalu, visit the mythical Borneo where you can see wild orang utans and of course taste plenty of fresh and cheap seafoods! off the shore of tawau is the famous sipadan 'scuba diving heaven' island

6) Melaka - the historical city with many ancient architectures and cultures herited from the Portuguese, Netherlands and Spanish. travelers could learn more on the local papa and nyonya community

7) Langkawi - big island with all sorts of activities to explore includes the eagle square, grand perdana gallery of art by our previous prime minister, tun dr.mahathir

8) Kuala Lumpur - the capital city of malaysia. the heaven for entertainment, shopping, drinking, and people watching. travelers need at least 3 days to visit tourists spots such as the petronas twin tower, batu caves, tasek perdana with birds park, orchid garden,museum, zoo, royal palace,chinese temples, etc

9) Putrajaya - a new government administrative district where you could visit the lake, botanic garden, mosque and also to appreciate the grad architectures with nine bridges reaching the district surrounded by a man-made river (or canal)

10) Genting Highland - need me to say more? the 1-stop entertainment, hotels and the only casino in malaysia, all on top a mountain over 5000 feet from sea water level

Thursday, August 26

Busy week..

salam sume..:D arini dah 15 hari umat islam berpuasa..alhamdulillah..ak lak stakat ni full je pose.heee..suka2..:D
ermmm..minggu ni ok la lg xd la bz sgt.last weekend ktrg ade kem insaniah.huuu..ok la.xd la bosan sgt.just xbest sb buat wk2 bulan week ktrg da strt bz dah ngn test..ari isnin test RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (RM), ari khamis test QMT & FMI..then ari jmt lak CORPORATE FINANCE..pas 2 sb2 ahd ade modul pla da blik raya tp uitm ni sbk nk bermodul pla dah..siot tol..huuu..ak blik LA 6hb.balik ngn adik ak n csn ak skali..balik melaka blik 18hb..malas nye..heee..

Wednesday, August 11

ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan..

ermmm..arini 1st day pose. ALHAMDULILLAH ak dpt berpuasa lg tahun ni..:D ktrg  kt melaka cuti klu 1st day pose.ak pn baru la dpt cuti.rindu nk pose ngn family.miss my grandma..huuu..arini xtau nk bebuka apa..sempena bulan ramadhan al mubarak ni ak nk mengucapkan SELAMAT BERPUASA KEPADA SELURUH KAUM MUSLIMIN DAN MUSLIMAT SELURUHNYA..SEMOGA RAMADHAN ANDA AKAN DI PENUHI DENGAN KEBERKATAN..AMIN3..

Friday, July 30

Nikon D3000


I want it..huuu

Model : Nikon D3000
Price : RM1988 ( with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR)
RM1498 ( body only )

Melaka's Attractions

Sempena ak kt melaka skg ni, ak nk share tmpt2 menarik yg krg blh visit kt melaka..ak pn xd la p sume tmpt ni lg.just baru p melaka river cruise n jonker walk je..xd masa g nk p jalan2..heee..njoy..:D

A' Famosa..mst sume org tau an..heee

Menara Taming Sari

Eye On Melaka ( night view )

Eye On Melaka ( day view )

Dataran Pahlawan ( DP )

Christ Church

Melaka River Cruise ( day view )

( night view )

Maritime Museum Melaka

Jonker Walk

Jonker Walk


Last but nit least..tempat ak study skg..UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka..:D

act ada byk g tmpt2 menarik kt melaka ni tp ak mls nk upload gmbr byk2.heee..njoy yaaa