Friday, September 3

5 things to love about malaysian

Family oriented and food loving! for me thats what i can say about Malaysian people..XD

if u r malaysian read this..

"hello aunty. Hello uncle." are you related with them? no. are you their close friend? no. have u ever meet this person in ur life? no. whether its a 'pakcik taxi' or 'pak guard n mak guard' (akak guard also have at KBM..hee) or 'makcik kantin', we always 'tegur' them..i believe this is also the reason why malaysian are so well-loved around the world..XD

if u notice when u go to the restaurant or stall,they and a group of friends or workmates go out together,but there isn't enough space around one table,so what do u think they will do? of course the clever malaysian will merge two tables together! am i right? i am sure all of u have done this including me..peace yoow! its truly an amiable trait that malaysian will do whatever shifting is necessary so that nobody will left behind or left out(no heart feeling right?)

i think malaysian are quite an enthusiastic tribe of i right? whether it's chatting with ur friend or colleague in the lift or meeting friends for coffee or 'lepaking at subaidah' after class or work,we get very passionate about what we are saying(including me also..heee). packed with emotion, our conversation are full of gusto, facial expression and of course epic hand gesture. if we talking with our friends its like we want all the people around us hear what we are talking about.wouldn't you agree?

some people say "good morning", others say "hello", malaysians ask a more important question: "is ur belly full?". in malay it's say "dah makan?". in labuan or sabahan it's "makan sudah ko?". in tamil(just goggle it..heee) it's "sape de?". in cantonese it's "sek bao mei?". in hokkein it's "jia bah boi?" and the list goes on..:D
if they are hungry they will keep on talking about their hungry.then after eat they also will keep on talking.not talking about hungry anymore but talking about how full their stomach are..OMG! proud to be malaysian..ahaha (this situation exactly just like my either..peace XD)

ok.frankly speaking malaysian aren't cheap,we just like a good bargain!am i right? buyers and seller in malaysia both know this so absolutely no harm in asking for a wee's in the malaysian also do this.for example if i want to buy tshirt:

me: brapa arga baju ni?
promoter: rm50
me: discount ah? kasi discount la.rm45 la
promoter: aiyaa..xblh la miss.ini baru smpai pya..
me: ala,kurang sket sj pn xblh ka?
promoter: mmg xblh la miss
me: ok la..ok la..i beli ni baju

that the true situation..:D see,you've got nothing to lose if they say no,you were willing to pay the opening price anyway right? just remember the malaysian rule of thumb, if u buy two or more items, you should always get a 'nice price' for it.

i wrote this coz i am malaysian n u r malaysian tooooooo..XD and i know for sure all of u have done this 5 things..right?

why i put picture of makanan? coz i kow malaysian people like to eat including me..getting fat live in melaka..weeee~~

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