Monday, March 28

The best things in the world :

  1.  not coming home til 3 in the morning..(never do this tp mcm best..heee)
  2.  when someone you love holds ur hand
  3.  last minute plans that end up being one of ur best memories
  4.  staying up all night on the phone 
  5.  finding the perfect outfit on the clearance rack
  6.  singing like crazy in the car with ur best friend
  7.  when u don't expect things to work out and they do!
  8.  getting scared and holding on to someone
  9.  falling asleep to the sound of ur favorite music or song
  10.  hitting the drive-thru for breakfast while you're on the road
  11.  the feeling of being fresh out of the shower 
  12.  going back to sleep on a day you decide to call out or class cancel like today
  13.  the nights we can barely remember
  14.  falling in LOVE with ****** ^_^


Zulfahmi said...

Those things are just simple

but they can make us happy~

MeerSha..! said...

yeah! :)
tau xpeeee..