Tuesday, December 21

can i just stay...???

hmmm..today 21st of december already..feeling sad because my semester break almost finish and i have to go back to melaka on 1st of january..demmnn..so f***ing lazy mannn..*sigh*..i dont want to go back to melaka.i want to stay here.at my home got so many food.heaven mannn..until my refrigerator full with food.so i dont have to go out and buy food like i did at melaka..im getting fat here..'nini,i want to diet' ahhaha..i'm gonna miss it badly..( awatnya emo xpasai2 lak ni..choii~ )

ni smua nk p convo pya pasai la ni..org len elok2 balik awai ak dok melangut lama2 kt s.alam smpai 6hb..choii~
xpasai2 dpt cuti kejap jaaa..huuu.tp xpa aih..nak buat lagu mana.xkan nk dok ulang alik KL-LA-KL-LA-KL..byk pla duit ak ni hah..huuu ( awat tba2 cakap oghang utagha pla ni..ahahha )

i dont know what to write anymore.so damnnn boring tonight..somebody call 911 please..huuu..but i feel like i want to eat pizza hut and domino's..badlyyyyy..*craving*

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