Friday, December 17


Meeting you was fate..
Becoming your friend was a choice..
But falling in LOVE with you was beyond my control..

Read's gonna be fun..:) but promise me don't be mad ok guys?? have fun n enjoy it..:)

  1. I need to tell you a secret..look at 5
  2. The answer is look at 11
  3. Don't get mad..look at 15
  4. Calm down guys..don't be mad..:) look at 13
  5. First look at 2
  6. Don't be that angry..say cheeseeee..XD look at 12
  7. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!
  8. What i wanted to tell you is......THE ANSWER IS ON 14
  9. Be patient..look at 4
  10. This is the last time i'm going to do me..:) look at 7
  11. I hope you're not mad when i say this..look at 6
  12. Sorry..look at 8
  13. Don't get mad dearrr..look at 10
  14. I don't know how to say this but....look at 3
  15. You must be really mad right?? hahhaha..look at 9


-AdHi-LoL said...

akk!!! bestnyer!!
nak copy paste ley x?

MeerSha..! said...

ambik la..